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Spicy Spuds and Other Stuff Custom Spice Blends


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Dessert Spice is a delicious blend of sugar and spice with no added sodium that turns desserts and foods into something fabulous! It’s the perfect topper for waffles, pancakes, French Toast, fruit desserts, and sprinkled on yogurt. Turn an ordinary cup of coffee or glass of milk into a special beverage when you blend in some Dessert Spice. Chocolate Desserts go to the next level of yummy when you add a little Dessert Spice! Spicy Spuds is also sustainably grown and harvested, kosher, allergen free, and triple tested for quality and purity. Please check out our online e-book of easy to follow recipes at


– $8.50 for every 4 bottle shipment of spices : $8.50

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